I've got about a week left in Europe and I'm feeling quite good about it. These past three weeks have been such an inspiration to me. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the luckiest people on earth. Today I'm sitting in Düsseldorf and taking the day for myself. It's been wonderful to actually have some time alone. Not that I haven't loved seeing everyone and reconnecting with my friends and fans, but sometimes I like not saying a word for a whole day. It's a really healthy thing to do from time to time. Technically I'm not breaking the rules right now because I'm typing not speaking ;-). 

 I have about three shows left. This past weekend's shows were such a blessing. Thursday night I had the priveldge of visiting a small college in Unterweisaach. We had a great time with a small house concert. Great people and some good dancing! Friday night I was in my favorite venue in south Germany - Die Luke. It was a sold out show and I just can't put into words how it felt to be there again.  Andreas and his team have provided a refuge for artists and concert goers alike. It's one of the best venues I've played. Period. Saturday wrapped up an amazing week with a special studio performance in Düsseldorf. It was also recorded along with another studio show that was recorded earlier in the tour in Utrecht, Netherlands. The night was a huge success and might have even started a monthly show at the studio :) I was proud to be a part of the night. Ohne worte.