Swiss Life

I've had a few days off in Switzerland. Every time i'm back here i remember why i keep coming back over and over again. If you have never made it a priority to visit this breathe taking land, you genuinely must do so. I visited the Appenzeller cheese factory yesterday. I mean... If you know anything about the Swiss and real quality cheese then I don't really need to say anything else... and I won't. I then made my way up to the Appenzeller beer brewery. In my opinion, some of the worlds finest beer is brewed there. It was closed :'( But never fear because the Appenzeller beer store was open down the road and I bought a case of the finest dark beer I have ever had - Schwartzer Kristall. (Black Crystal) 

Aside from my sightseeing and countryside strolls I also had some time to reflect over last weekend's shows. There is so much more than just music happening. Music is for sure the vessel that is carrying and creating these opportunities for connection but the buck doesn't stop there. Every show so far there has been an encounter (or more than one sometimes) that passes beyond the mere chatter of " how long you here for? " and "When did you first start playing guitar?" I've been spending a lot of time lately asking myself and God what the deeper purpose of what I'm doing is. There has to be more than just being great at what I do. I'm realizing that that is only a tool. Being excellent in your craft is not just for excellent's sake but for the sake of an open door. If my end goal is only to attain notoriety and or success with my craft then I've missed the point completely. It's an open door to healing. It's an open door to redemption. It's an open door to a multitude of things that we haven't even yet had the foresight to understand. 

  This past weekend showed me a lot about myself as a performer, songwriter and man. As I continue on through the rest of this tour i'm forever grateful for my beautiful time in Switzerland. It's always been a place of refuge for me. Somewhere I can go and share music together with people but also take much needed time spent with long time friends that I call family.