Summer Vibes

This summer kicked off in a great way. I had just returned from the spring tour in Europe where we completely sold out of all of the promo copies of "Goodbye Winter" we had brought with us. Great shows and seeing the direct impact on the people that music was having gave a great sense of accomplishment. 

  A few weeks after returning I had the privilege of being part of the leadership team for Frothy Monkey at one of America's greatest music festivals Bonnaroo. It was such a blast and a long week of extremely hard work with awesome people. Lots of coffee, music and festival vibes! 

  Directly after Lukas Batteau showed up on my doorstep with a sign that read "will make incredible album for room and board." Ok.. not really, but he did show up from Holland and with a fire to make his best music yet. I had the privilege of producing his last album " Wasteland " (hyperlink to wasteland album) and just couldn't wait to get started on this one. It had been almost 2 years and alot of waiting for the go ahead. Finally Lukas was hit with undeniable feeling that it was time. Boy has it been a wonderful ride. It's always great to work with an artist that has a good grip on what they want to convey. We are now in the final stages of mixing and will be done before we know it! Looking forward to deliver this baby into the world.  

  As the summer comes to an end i'm very grateful for all that happened this season. I'm looking forward to the fall and working on of my own music plus another artist that I will announce shortly! Thank you to everyone who supports my involvement in music. Thank you for all of your love and support. 

 - savage